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At SattaKing We Provides Results for all satta matka markets namely gali results , disawar results, faridabad results, gaziabad results. Satta King Aims In updating satta matka bazars results always on time and more accurately. The game sattaking was originated as a lottery game in india in late 70's , In earlier times sattamatka was popular among the labour class as it was first introduced to cotton mill workers by some person name ratan khatri. Surprisingly satta king gains high popularity than it was expected and this game begin to spread in other parts . Various SattaMatka markets or we can say bazars were introduced in the game Satta Soon after its launch . SattaKing Gains Popularity because of the high stake return and low stake amount means you can stake as low as Rs 10 in the game satta and if you win then you will be getting 90x the amount you had staked or sometimes even more. Good Luck from sattaking team .

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Last Updated On 12:50:47am 28/05/2017

Ever Wondered why this Game Become So popular ? . This is Just because SattaKing results began to show Up online and may players of satta matka are still sticked to old fact. They feels internet more safer , trustable and reliable mean of information. At Sattaking we also provides satta matka charts . you can simply access them by just scrolling a little bit above . Make sure you do visit to check satta matka tricks to enhance your gaming skill. The game satta is just for fun , Play at your own risk.