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Disawar evening Results

Disawar evening Results

Upon user request we had just added a new market to and that is Disawar evening . As clear from name disawar evening is a sub market for the main market Disawar . Disawar opens at 5:30PM where as Disawar evening opens at 6:00pm . This Bazaar is quite new to satta matka so there stands a lot of chance that you will win if you bet in this market . Well basically point is Satta King makers keep on introducing new market to game satta and in order to make it popular or to get new players attracted to disawar evening they let users to win .


MarketsResultsOpening TimeYesterday
DISAWAR Evening RESULTS5905:30 PM84


So that you will think this bazaar is safe to bet on , here you get into their trap as they will let you win some amount in starting to make you addicted to this game . later on you will figure out that its quite difficult to win in this market , but you know that is quite late as you had already lost all of your money . So we had explained how and why they introduces disawar evening and other market in the game satta . Well the only point is that to get new users to game satta as they don’t want you to leave this game because this is the only way they earn money .disawar evening

We don’t say that you will always loose money in this game satta , there may be chances that you will get high amount of winning by betting on this bazaar . But still the probability of your winning is quite low in this game , As they had designed the game in such a way that if you keep on playing this game for quite a long time then you are sure to loose . Mind my words you can never take a single cent in you don’t stop playing after you win some amount . Disawar evening was introduced quite a long time after disawar market was launched as they started to loose some of their players because of low probability . So in order to overcome this They launched Disawar Evening.