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Satta King Old Delhi Live Result

What Is Old Delhi  ?

Old Delhi is one of the market of game satta king or we can say satta matka . Its One of the oldest market of the game satta matka , As clear from name Old Delhi Stands as a big market in the game satta king since last 15 Years. Old Delhi Results Can be found Live only on As we try to provide updated and accurate result of the market. You can always check latest old delhi Charts and tricks on the site .old delhi live result We assure you that all the result we update on the site are Accurate To our knowledge.

Our team at tries to provide full satisfaction to their users by updating results of old delhi market very fast . This market usually opens on the fixed time and that is 5:10 PM in the evening , This market covers approximately 10% of all satta matka users making it one of the important market of this game . We at knows the value of time so we tries to update them on time , but sometimes due to some technical problems we can’t update results of old Delhi on time .

Satta King Old Delhi Live Result

So we request all satta king users to please be patient while checking results because sometimes our team goes offline and due to that we were not able to update old Delhi results . So we apologize for the inconvenience that may causued to you due to our fault and request you to keep having faith in us.     We usually update the result till 5:30Pm So that you can get fastest result over internet. We are operating largest and most updated website over internet but sometimes error might occur in updating the site as we are also human beings not machine so there stands 1% chances of errors in the result . We assure you that most of the time our result for old delhi market are accurate. We strongly recommend playing this game at your own risk as we are not responsible for any problem that might occur while playing Old delhi market. Don’t forget to share us with your friends so that we can grow our community more. You can always check out Satta Matka Charts and tricks on our site. Also Please check out our disclaimer page and if you don’t agree to terms and conditions then you are fee to leave our site at any time .