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Satta King

Satta King

What Is Satta King. ?

Satta King Is basically a small term in the game of sattamatka. It Aims In providing results of some handpicked markets like Gali Results , Disawar results , Faridabad Results , Gaziabad Results. These are one of the few markets of game sattamatka that sattaking shows results on site.

Have You ever heard of some lottery game being run in india ..? No .. ? No Problem Let us explain . Satta King is kind of game in which you have to choose a number or you can say a lucky number between one to hundred , and put some stake on it , Like for example we will take number 9 and put some $1 on that. Wait I forgot to mention we also have to pick a sattamatka market or they say bazaar to bet on .

So now Like put 1$ on Number 9 in gali market , so when today satta king results will be announced and if number 9 gets opened in that particular market then i will be winning 90 times the amount I Had staked and that was $1 , So now i will get 90$ In Return. Seems Intresting.. ? but you know that isn’t that easy.


satta king

Satta King






As you have to pick between 100 numbers then your probability of winning drops down to 1% If you bet on one satta king market with one number , So in order to win you have to raise the probability of your desired outcome you have to bet on multiple markets with multiple satta matka number . We Also Have a trick section where you can check out our cool SattaMatka tricks shared by various users and internet sources.

One of those so called satta matka tricks says that bet on those number which are not opened since many days in market . Well the Game plan of sattamatka is that they open the number out of hundred with least amount staked , means If number 10 is backed many times or with huge amount then it will be almost impossible that they will open that number. So , The Trick is to Bet on That Number that Have chances of backed less times.