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Satta Matka

Satta Matka


Satta Matka Results

What Is Satta Matka ?

Satta Matka is a game that is popular among the north india as most of the player playing satta matka are from north india . This game was first introduced in india by ratan khatri for the cotton mill workers. These worker use to bet on a number with small amount and if they get the desired sattamatka results Then they will end up winning The lottery game .

Satta Matka game got a lot easier when the results started coming on the websites from Year 2012 As earlier the result use to come on paper and in that case the game broker use to cheat the innocent player by telling them false results of satta king . When it was introduced to websites then these chances lower down to some 1% as there are alot of websites out in market that provides result of satta matka market on time and accurately so player can check the results on various sites that lower down the chances of getting cheated by the brokers.

satta matka

How To Play Satta Matka.. ?


Satta Matka Can be played in two ways either you can directly go to a local broker in your area and tell them your number give them your staked amount and they will give you a token in return, That you have to keep safely with you. As this token is only way you can redeem your prize in case you won. Now jut check the result of your desired market on opening time of sattamatka. In Case Your number gets opened in the market then you will get 90x of amount you just had staked on the number. You can collect The amount you won from the local bookie the next day. So this is one way to play the game satta.

Other Different way to play the game is to play satta matka online . Just Find a Trusted site over internet and place your bet on a number. Just try with a small amount in starting as they may ended up being a fraud and may ran away with your money. So Do a good research before playing on any of the site over internet.
Well we advice you to play this game at your own risk as winning chances in this game are very very low , But in case you are willing to play dont forget to check out Satta king results, Matka Charts And Satta Tricks On website.